IVCA Funded Research

Do you already know the IVCA research project?

With this project, we are supporting researches of licensed veterinarians or chiropractors.

We welcome applications and invite you to request our application form here

Dr. Marissa Palmer is reaching out with a statement for all who are interested in a funded research:

“We at the IVCA research committee are dedicated to advocating and advancing animal chiropractic and its principles through sponsoring research. We empower our members to actively give back not only to their patients, but to our profession. In these times, people want proof and objective measures to show that something is working or not.

I am sure you have all experienced “miracles” in your office treating human and animals through chiropractic. But what if we could qualitatively and quantitatively show what we are doing. That way we can get more animals under our care and literally save more lives. And as a bonus, you can say you are a published researcher. We can make chiropractic not a faith-based treatment but a gold standard of care so that every spine gets checked for subluxations.”

So, if you are ready to give back to your profession, please contact us: contact@ivca.de. We will get you in contact with us and provide you the proper applications to apply for funding to conduct your own research. Even if you are not sure exactly what you would like to do, we would be happy to answer any questions and at least help you start that brainstorming process.