IVCA Membership Requirements

To become and remain a member of the IVCA applicants must:

  • Be an accredited veterinarian or chiropractor
  • Have successfully completed one of the basic IVCA approved educational courses
  • Have successfully completed the IVCA certification exam (as of Jan 1st 2012)
  • Agree to complete the IVCA CPD requirements
  • Agree to adhere to the IVCA and their respective professional veterinary and chiropractic code of conduct and standard of proficiency
  • Ensure that their membership fee is paid on time. The membership fee is due by the end of January each year. 
  • Membership must be terminated in writing to the IVCA before the start of the year for the membership fee not to be in effect for that year.

Benefits of IVCA membership

IVCA membership provides many benefits including:


Inclusion on the IVCA register of members and being listed on the IVCA website are great sources of patient referrals. Members’ details are also made available to people contacting the IVCA looking for IVCA members in their area.

Educational and Promotional Material And Merchandise

High quality IVCA client education and promotional material (e.g. leaflets, PowerPoint presentations are available only to IVCA Members).

Access to Continuing Education Courses

Regular updates of worldwide seminars and events to count towards your continuing professional development.

Financial support for research project

IVCA members will be prioritized for funding for research projects.

The IVCA re-certification every 3 years is included in the membership.

CPD offers for IVCA members only


As we are not gathering together this year for some good learning experiences at our yearly conference, the MC decided to give you all a little CPD gift!!! The online lecture “Myofascial Release for Small and Large Animals” given by Dr. Angelique Barbara will be available for viewing on demand in October at the member´s area. It will count toward 3 specific veterinary chiropractic CE hours. Log on and enjoy!

2021 / 2022

CPD Webinar

In our commitment to provide our members low cost continuing education, we have prepared a webinar which is available for purchase at the IVCA member´s area of our website. Completion of the webinar will grant you 10 CE hours of specific animal chiropractic. The cost is 100 Euros.

Porcine Adjusting from Dr. Emily McLeod, DC
Biomechanics & Longevity Animal Chiropractor from Dr. Emily McLeod, DC
A History in the Science, Philosophy & Art of Animal Chiropractic from Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC
Chiropractic Concepts from Dr. Jay Komarek, DC
Dealing with Animal Behavioral Issues during Assessments and Treatments from Dr. Angelique Barbara, DC
Conformation and Biomechanics of the Canine Athlete from Dr. Abigail Kitchens, DVM
Online Seminar of Michele Broadhurst from the IVCA conference 2022
An integrative approach to the veterinary patient: Appyling functional and structural medicine for an optimal outcome”
The seminar is accredited for 3 chiro specific hours.
Cost for IVCA members: 49 Euros, for non-members 99 Euros

Cost of IVCA Membership 2024

There is an initial joining fee of 125 Euros (plus a merchant payment processing fee).
The annual membership fee is 125 Euros (plus a merchant payment processing fee). – 10 Euros goes to the research fund

IVCA Funded Research

If you decide to join the IVCA as a member within 4 weeks of successfully completing the IVCA certification exam then € 90 from the exam fee will be credited to you. It means that the membership costs of € 250 (i.e € 125 joining fee plus € 125 membership fee for the current year) will be reduced by € 90 so the total amount you pay is € 160 plus a merchant payment processing fee.

To join the IVCA you must fulfill all our membership requirements. Please complete the IVCA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and attach copies of your:

Failure to include ALL of the above could result in delay in acceptance for membership and inclusion on the IVCA register.