IVCA Accredited Courses

Basic Veterinary Chiropractic Courses:

 All IVCA approved basic veterinary chiropractic courses consist of a minimum of 210 hours of lectures in classroom and laboratory (plus home study).

An applicant to an Approved Institution’s Basic Animal Chiropractic Course must be a Veterinarian or Chiropractor or, a Chiropractic or Veterinary Student in their last Semester/Trimester of study.  The Applicant must complete his/her veterinary and/or chiropractic degree before completion of the Basic Animal Chiropractic Course.

Topics studied include: anatomy, neurology, biomechanics, relevant pathology, physiology, chiropractic basis, rehabilitation, ethics, philosophy and legalities.

In addition to this, laboratory instruction in palpation (motion and static), adjusting techniques, topography, dissection and safe handling will also be undertaken.

Students must successfully complete and pass the comprehensive basic veterinary chiropractic course exit exams before they are able to apply for IVCA exam.

If a veterinary chiropractor wants to join the IVCA he/she has to successfully complete the IVCA certification exam.


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