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About Shanaghan Veterinary Services

Northern Ireland’s first integrated veterinary referral service offering veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, laser therapy, chronic pain management, rehabilitation and equine dentistry.

At Shanaghan Veterinary Services, we follow an integrated and holistic approach to equine veterinary medicine and welfare, using innovative and proven methods of treatment and care. We work in partnership with horse owners by providing reliable information and steadfast resources about veterinary medicine and welfare. This knowledge, supported by strong research and evidence will support horse owners in the compassionate care of their horses. Our many years of practice allow us to be empathetic in our attitudes, behaviour and decision-making across our range of services. We work in partnership with horse owners, trainers, veterinary surgeons and allied professionals to bring you the best service available. We strive to be innovative in our thinking towards the equine industry and are always seeking new ways of being more effective with our services, contributing to horse owners’ knowledge and that of the equestrian industry as a whole.


Our Mission

“Shanaghan Veterinary Services works with horses, horse owners, stakeholders and government to improve equine veterinary care and welfare standards.”

Our Vision

“Shanaghan Veterinary Services provides “patient-centred-care” where each horse is cared for individually using an integrative veterinary approach to treat and prevent injuries/disorders and is supported through clinical rehabilitation to maximise their wellbeing.”

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Esther is an innovative veterinary surgeon with extensive experience in equine veterinary practice, with a special interest in equine welfare, sports medicine and rehabilitation. After graduating from the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science in 2012, Esther went on to work at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, working closely with Dr Sue Dyson. Since her return to Northern Ireland, she worked as an equine vet in mixed practice and for an equine dental clinic while pursuing further professional development. She is also an experienced breeder and producer of Irish Sport Horses and has competed in various equestrian disciplines. Esther farms on a part-time basis, producing both commercial and pedigree sheep.

Establishing Shanaghan Veterinary Services:

Established in 2017, Shanaghan Veterinary Services is Ireland’s first integrated veterinary referral service. The practice includes veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, equine dentistry, pain management, rehabilitation, performance optimisation and laser therapy. Shanaghan Veterinary Services is passionate about improving the standards of equine welfare and regularly presents to stakeholders from the equine industry across Ireland.


Esther graduated from the University of Nottingham School Of Veterinary Medicine and Science in 2012.

  • BVS BVM with integrated BVMedSci (2012)
  • BVMedSci (Hons) (2010)
  • Official Veterinarian (DEARA) – Equine (2020-present)
  • Foundation Course in Western Veterinary Acupuncture (2016)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Animal Chiropractic (2017)
  • General Practitioner Certificate in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management (2019)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management – Harper Adams University (2021)

Professional Membership

As well as being a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Esther holds membership with the following professional bodies;

  • Association of Veterinary Surgeons Practicing in Northern Ireland
  • Association British of Veterinary Acupuncture
  • British Veterinary Association
  • British Equine Veterinary Association
  • International Veterinary Chiropractic Association
  • North of Ireland Veterinary Association
  • Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners
  • Women In Business NI

Business Development & Innovation:

Esther is a forward-thinking and innovative businesswoman who has established Shanaghan Veterinary Services and SVS Equine. In 2019 she was awarded the Women in Business NI Award for Outstanding Innovation.


During her time at the Animal Health Trust, she undertook research which has been published in the Equine Veterinary Journal and was presented at BEVA Congress 2014 entitled “The centrodistal joint interosseous ligament region in the tarsus of the horse: Normal appearance, abnormalities and possible association with other tarsal lesions, including osteoarthritis”. In 2009, she completed a private research project on a large thoroughbred stud near Newmarket. The project was entitled “Epidemiology of injuries in Thoroughbred flat racehorses in training: The association with selected variables and pedigree”.

She is also a regular contributor to other research projects and is currently active in a range of research projects including collaborations with the University of Bristol and Racing to Relate. She peer reviews for the Equine Veterinary Journal and has edited “Conditions of the Horses’ Foot” in the 3rd edition (2019) of “The Veterinary Care of the Horse” by Sue Devereux. While Esther regularly publishes a range of educational articles across mainstream media, she is also a co-supervisor and placement provider for undergraduate and masters level research projects.

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