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Postal code search – If you are searching using a 4 digit postal code, please add the country name after the code.  For example 0985 Norway will provide a more accurate search than 0985 on its own.

If you are searching for a veterinary chiropractor in your local area, please search by postcode, zipcode or local town/region.  The directory is set to search within a radius of 50 miles from the centre of your search point.  You may change this distance if required using the compass icon to the right of the search bar.  If your search pulls up a town in the wrong area or country, add the country name after the town you are searching for.  For example, search for ‘Southport, United Kingdom’ or ‘Southport, United States.’

Please do not use abreviations in your search.  For example, please use Tennessee, rather than TN, United States (rather than US) and United Kingdom (rather than UK).  All country names are in English.

Veterinary Chiropractors

If you need to correct or change the location of your practice, please find your listing page by searching for your name above, and then update your listing using the ‘Business Owner’ button.