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12th and 13th of October 2018, 9am to 5.30pm

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Tierklinik Lüsche
Essener Str. 39a
D-49456 Bakum

The science of rehabilitation aims to restore and enhance optimal health and performance by coordinating all options of medical procedures and therapeutic equipment. This branch of modern sport horse medicine is growing in importance. Progressive equine practitioners should aim to integrate this modern field of expertise into the veterinary routine.

Course program:

J. Rohrbach: Functional Biomechanics – medical conditions of equine athletes due to wear and tear
J. Brunner: Internistic causes of performance problems and chronic pain
H. Thiel: The evidence base for Spinal Manipulative Therapy
D. Moffatt: Veterinary Chiropractic Research – are we skating on thin ice?
N. Blum: Equine Rehabilitation: Tools and Options – What is out there?
V. Katrinaki: Objective Gait Analysis – what do we learn from Qualisys and Equinosis?
N. Blum: Neuropathic pain – you will only find what you are looking for
J. Hagen: Orthopedic Shoeing – Biomechanics, Effects and Risks
All Speakers: Case presentation and panel discussion


Dr. Nadine Blum,
FTÄ für Pferde und Chiropraktik, Oberärztin Rehabilitationsmedizin Tierklinik Lüsche
Dr. Janine Brunner,
Dipl ECEIM, Fachtierärztin für Pferde, Veterinärmedizinische Leitung Equinox-Healthcare
Dr.  Jenny Hagen,
FTÄ für Anatomie, Embryologie und Histologie, Veterinäranatomisches Institut und Klinik für Pferde, Universität Leipzig
Vassiliki Katrinaki,
Tierärztin, Klinik für Pferde, Universität Leipzig
Dr. Donald Moffatt,
FTA für Chiropraktik, Leiter der International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic
Dr.  Julia Rohrbach,
Tierärztin, Schwarzwald-Tierklinik Neubulach
Prof. Haymo Thiel,
Doctor of Chiropractic, MSc Orthopaedics, PgDip Medical Education, PhD Epidemiology and Quality Care Management, AECC University College Bournemouth, UK


390,- Euro incl. lunch, coffee, snacks and cold beverages

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Tierklinik Lüsche
Essener Str. 39a
D-49456 Bakum

Phone: +49 5438 95850
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IVCA approve the courses for  with 14 points goes toward specific veterinary chiropractic part of the CE requirements of the IVCA.


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Tierklinik Lüsche
Essener Str. 39a
D-49456 Bakum

Phone: +49 5438 95850
Web page: