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Date(s) - 14/04/2021 - 15/05/2021
All Day

Penngrove, CA at Animals in Motion

IVCA CPD Approval:

This is a 100.0 credit course approved for IVCA general animal chiropractic CPD.

Course dates:

April 6th – 14th, 2021


Penngrove, CA at Animals in Motion

Course Overview:

The Equinology® Approach is a unique hands-on system addressing the whole body, implementing specific manual palpation methods to assess soft tissue and symmetry of muscle and structure, and utilizing detailed static and dynamic evaluation to assist the practitioner. Different bodywork techniques —including sports massage, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, range of motion and positioning exercises, as well as “focal” point work (stress and trigger points) — are combined to provide optimal support for horses working in every discipline. Reflecting the course author’s passion for academic precision with regard to equine musculoskeletal anatomy, the Equinology® Approach stands out because it is comprehensively anatomically referenced.

The course is regularly attended by veterinarians, physical therapists, human massage therapists, equine massage therapists, trainers, barn managers, and chiropractors who would like to enhance their skills.


Course Outline:

Application of a full session as well as targeting specific areas

Additional specialized Equinology techniques for session application

Superficial, middle and deep muscle location and isolation

Over 90 point locations

Veterinary vocabulary and terminology

Benefits of bodywork

Contraindications of bodywork

Bony landmark/surface anatomy identification

Stretches for the session

Work ethics

Documenting sessions

Conformation and gait analysis


Exercising the horse after a session


Introduction to dental issues

Introduction to saddle fitting issues

Session assessment & observation forms included for business use


Students attend class daily 8:00-5:30pm and have added 2 hours of evening studies. Day five of the class is spent out of class for independent and guided home study.


April Course: Dr. Carrie Schlachter DVM, May Course: Dr. Lisa Atckison, DMV



Contact details and more information:

Equinology INC


EQ100: Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Course