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Date(s) - 06/07/2021 - 01/07/2022
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IVCA CPD Approval

This course is approved for 11 hours of general CPD.

Course Overview:

«Canine Arthritis Management has been challenging how to identify and manage this disease since being launched in 2016 by Dr. Hannah Capon. We have worked hard to deliver current, evidence-based, relevant and empathetic information directly to the dog owner, while prioritising a mutually beneficial, respectful relationship between vet, therapist, canine professional, and owner.

Continuing our mission, we have created an online modular course for veterinary and canine professionals to increase their awareness and knowledge of canine arthritis and positively influence their owners and their dogs.»

Course Overview: CAMadvocate Level 1 is a modular course for the canine professional to improve their understanding of canine arthritis, and to define their role in identification, diagnosis, and management of this neglected condition. Consisting of 10 modules, each containing video presentations, course notes, downloads, owner-focused tools, further online learning, and social media uploads, the course allows you to work entirely at your own pace with no deadlines and unlimited access to the course materials.

Course objectives:

  • Increase awareness of canine osteoarthritis.
  • Improve identification of dogs with canine osteoarthritis.
  • Instruct the canine professional in their role in supporting an owner and their dog from suspicion to long-term management plan.

Participants will be taught through case-based learning to ensure context of the content and enable immediate implementation into their professional role.

The course enables quick incorporation of evidence-based principles into the participant’s service provision, with relevant downloads and owner-focused resources appropriately structured into the modular course.

On completion of the course, participants will be able to use the title CAMadvocate, and resources are available on course completion to advertise their superior understanding.


CAMadvocate Level 1 is an initiative to improve canine welfare globally. Canine osteoarthritis (OA) was reclassified by Vet Compass as a welfare concern in April 2018. Extensive analysis of first opinion veterinary caseload identified canine OA as a leading cause of elective euthanasia, as well as the disease which negatively impacted the dog for the longest time and brought with it the most severe clinical signs. This new understanding highlights that we need to do more for our canine companions such as increased awareness, earlier identification, and improved management.
Every canine professional has a duty of care to increase their knowledge regarding this overlooked and often terminal disease.
The course aims to:
• Develop the canine professional’s knowledge of the disease.
• Impart an understanding of the recognised evidence-based approach to identification and diagnosis.
• Explain/clarify/detail the structure of a multimodal management plan with case-based learning.
• Provide an evidence-based understanding to tackle the multitude of interventions sold as effective for OA.
• Create a passion for further learning and action against canine OA

Course Design:
• 10 modules with each module consisting of a recorded presentation-based lecture, online learning resources and downloadable tools and multiple-choice examination.

Intentions of the Course:
• Identify and feel confident to action beneficial changes to current practice for improved canine welfare.
• Understand OA affects dogs of all ages and learn to identify the disease.
• Comprehend the underlying causes and influences on disease development and progression.
• Understand that multiple valuable actions can be taken throughout a dog’s life to reduce the likelihood of OA shortening a dog’s lifespan.
• Be able to recite prevalence of OA, describe the progression of the disease and simplify how chronic pain is expressed.
• Identify the difference between chronic and acute pain and the “global” impact OA has on the body and mind.
• Understand and action an evidence-based approach to managing canine OA.
• Recognise how common therapeutic interventions work and understand the construction of a multimodal management plan.
• Appreciate the bio-psycho-social approach to canine OA management.

Speaker (s)

Dr. Hannah Capon, MA Vet MB MRCVS


$180 (USD)

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Canine Arthritis Management

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