Structural and Functional Assessment of the Equine Spine

Structural and Functional Assessment of the Equine Spine

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Neurophysiology Module: Course Description
IVCA CE Hours – 3.0
Cost – $150

This course module provides a basic introduction to neurophysiologic principles related to axial skeleton pain.  Content includes information of the pain sensitive tissues with the axial skeleton, spinal pain mechanisms, and subjective and objective measures of musculoskeletal pain in horses.  Neuroanatomical descriptions of nociceptors and other spinal tissue receptors that contribute to acute and chronic pain syndromes are included.  Spinal pain mechanisms are reviewed as they relate to peripheral and central sensitization, ganglionitis, and effects on mechanoreception and motor control issues.  An introduction to the physical, functional, and behavioral aspects of pain are presented.


Head Module: Course Description
IVCA CE Hours – 4.0
Cost – $200

This course module provides foundational knowledge needed to evaluate horses with temporomandibular joint and hyoid apparatus disorders.  Content includes topographic features, review of muscle of mastication, and detailed descriptions of specific articular features of the temporomandibular joint and hyoid apparatus.  Biomechanical insights into mandibular movement during mastication, hyoid movements, and the effects of dental occlusion on pain and dysfunction of the equine head are provided.  Pathological descriptions include material on temporomandibular joint pain and the pathogenesis of temporohyoid osteoarthropathy.  Physical examination skills include observations of static and dynamic behaviors and the role of active and passive joint motion in identifying sources of pain and discomfort localized to the equine head.  Treatment options include discussion of conservative approaches for managing temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction in horses


Cervical Module: Course Description
IVCA CE Hours – 5.0
Cost – $250

This course module provides the foundation needed to evaluate horses with neck pain and dysfunction.  Content includes detailed anatomical studies that describe and illustrate individual muscles within the cervical region.  Biomechanical descriptions provide insights into the functional features of the cervical muscles, ligaments, articulations, and vertebrae.  Detailed characterization and examples of soft tissue, neurologic, and articular pathology affecting the cervical region are provided.  A structured outline is presented for comprehensive physical examination of the cervical region.  Evidence-based treatment approaches are discussed based on currently available research.


Thoracolumbar Module: Course Description
IVCA CE Hours – 4.5
Cost – $225

This course module provides the foundation needed to evaluate horses with back pain and dysfunction.  Detailed anatomic descriptions of the soft tissue, muscular, articular, and osseous features of the thoracolumbar vertebrae and rib cage are presented.  A review of thoracolumbar spinal biomechanics includes material on wither asymmetries, the role of the rib cage in weight bearing, and paired muscle function.  Spinal pathology content includes the role of osteoarthritis and impinged spinous processes in the development of thoracolumbar pain and dysfunction.  A structured outline for detailed evaluation of active and passive joint thoracolumbar and rib cage motion is provided.  Treatment options focus on conservative methods for reducing pain and improving core stability in horses with back pain.


Sacropelvic Module: Course Description
IVCA CE Hours – 4.5
Cost – $225

This course module provides the foundation needed to evaluate horses with pelvic asymmetries and sacroiliac joint pain and dysfunction.  A review of the unique articular and ligamentous features of the sacroiliac joint and muscles acting on the lumbosacral junction are discussed.  Biomechanical topics include muscles responsible flexion and extension of the lumbosacral joint and the structural-functional relationships of individual sacroiliac ligaments.  A review of the pathological process affecting the pelvis and sacroiliac joint is presented.  A detailed description of the skills needed to evaluate sacropelvic pain and dysfunction is provided.  Treatment options for managing sacroiliac joint pain and dysfunction include medical and rehabilitation methods.


Zoonotic Disease Module: Course Description
IVCA CE Hours – 3.5
Cost – $175

This course module provides the foundational information needed to recognize clinical signs of contagious and zoonotic diseases as they relate to the animal chiropractic practitioner.  Detailed definitions and examples of infection, contagious, zoonotic, and reportable diseases in Colorado are introduced.   The clinical signs indicative of acute respiratory and neurologic disease in horses is presented with recommendations for biosecurity precautions to help recognized and limit the spread of equine herpes virus, West Nile virus and rabies.  Additional information on the incidence and pathogenesis of equine influenza, strangles and vesicular stomatitis in horses is included.  Infectious, contagious, zoonotic, and reportable diseases that affect dogs and cats in Colorado are discussed, which include detailed content on rabies, canine brucellosis, plague, and tularemia.

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IVCA CPD Approval - Specific animal chiropractic, see course overview for hours.

Speakers - Kevin K Haussler, DVM, DC, PhD, DACVSMR

Contact details of the course provider - Adam Roosa Educational Technologist Online CE Course Coordinator

Course Language - English

More Info - Online course material offered though Colorado State University, Veterinary Continuing Education

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