Interactive Applied Anatomy

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Learn all about the bones and anatomical models and investigate how the skeleton is put together. Then apply this knowledge to how the horse moves and discover how it can help you manage, train, and where appropriate rehabilitate horses effectively.

We will look at:-

The range and degree of joint movement

The position, function, relevance and far-reaching effect of the hyoid apparatus

Structures of the head including the TMJ

How the atlas joins on to the skull and how the atlas and axis influence head position

The complexities of the vertebral joints

The intricacies of the sacroiliac joint, sacroiliac ligaments and joint

The lumbosacral junction

The bones and joints of the carpus and tarsus

The connexions and levers of the long bones and muscle, tendon and ligament attachment points

Anomalies within the spine including transitional vertebrae

Bony changes including kissing spine

Growth plates and immature skeletons

During this course we may compare the bones and models to the living horse but will mainly use anatomical models and the bones of both the appendicular skeleton (the legs) and the axial skeleton (the skull, vertebral column, sternum, and ribs) to aid your learning of this subject.

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Cost - £192

IVCA CPD Approval - 8 hours of general CPD

Speakers - Gillian Higgins

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Course Language - English

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2023-06-06 to

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