Hello all IVCA members,

I am Victoria McKinney and I am a chiropractor since 1997. My passion has always been horses, and the most amazing horse show in the world is The Royal Dublin Horse Show which runs August 9-13th 2017. I have attended this show about 10 times and it is amazing, especially if the sun is shining! I highly recommend you attend this year, and I need your help.

The IVCA is kindly sponsoring a stand at the show this year, and it is a fabulous opportunity to bring animal veterinary chiropractic to the masses in a positive light. Imagine vets and chiros standing side by side promoting the benefits of animal veterinary chiropractic to thousands of people.   I need some IVCA members happy to help out at the IVCA stand could this be you? I would like some people to volunteer their time to talk to people about the IVCA and it’s benefits. If you could donate a day or two, or even a couple of hours please let me know.

I also really need every one of you to send me 1 testimonial on animal veterinary chiropractic. Please include a photo, a story, and who you are.   Just 1 will not take too long, please send to my email vlmckinney@hotmail.com send as many as you like, but I’m requesting to have 1 from each member please. This will be a great contribution to our stand especially for those who can’t actually come in person. Testimonials and word of mouth marketing are the best way to promote our profession.

If you always wanted a holiday to Ireland just book it for those dates and come and share your expertise promoting animal veterinary chiropractic to the masses. Dublin Horse Show has been touted as the best horse show in the world, if you love horses you need to be there. Air B and B is a good place to look for accommodation. Book your flights now for good deals. I have 1 spare bed where I’m staying for a female and 1 space in my Jeep to get you to the show and back every day. Email me on vlmckinney@hotmail.com if you can help those dates.

I look forward to receiving word from all of you, and as soon as you can send me a testimonial please do.


Thank You,

Victoria McKinney