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Founded in 2012, the VETWORKS Brazil was focused on the clinical and surgical care of horses in the field and on consulting projects for the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Gradually, rehabilitation strategies were included in the portfolio, in order to ensure the maximization of treatments in the shortest time possible.
The knowledge and experience acquired naturally expanded the services for the rehabilitation of small animals, also giving rise to the opportunity for specialization in veterinary neurology and pain.
The accumulated experience, associated with a different view of health associated with engineering, makes us sought out for training and consultancy in various areas, such as thermography, ultrasonography, ozone therapy, acupuncture, physical rehabilitation methods, clinical neurology and other animal rehabilitation techniques.

Now in 2022 VETWORKS Germany has emerged, focusing on equine and small animal rehabilitation practices.


To minimize suffering and improve the quality of life of animals and people, through the dissemination of integrated knowledge and contribution to technical and scientific evolution.


Love: we are guided by the love of science and life
Integrity: internal strength to overcome challenges
Excellence: target of all our processes
Commitment: seriousness to what is combined
Ethics: respect for animals and people
Truth: transparency and transmission of what we know
Challenge: propulsion that moves us

Dr. Roberta Basile

Bachelor from UNESP, University of State of São Paulo, class of 2008 and PhD in Equine Veterinary Medicine at the same University in 2016. Since veterinary graduation, I have been present in the Unesp’s Equine Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory (LAFEQ), participating in the conduction of experiments on the efficacy and safety of drugs. In this same laboratory, I did my PhD on experimental infection and treatment of borreliosis in horses.

After, I start acting as veterinarian and work as Professor in some Universities: UniFaj, Unicep and Unicastelo, teaching disciplines of animal clinic and surgery, image diagnostics and animal rehabilitation. I also provided technical and scientific consultancy for companies such as Ourofino, ABASE, Ozone & Life and CPABR, for testing and certification.

As owner and clinician of Vetworks, I have worked in the field attending pets and horses in the areas of clinical orthopedics and neurology, pain, and rehabilitation.

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