International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic no longer accredited with IVCA
On the 30th of October 2018 International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic (IAVC) educational programs (Germany and the United Kingdom) informed the IVCA management committee (MC) that they revoked their IVCA accreditation with immediate effects.

The MC finds it unfortunate for the young profession of veterinary chiropractic that the IAVC no longer will cooperate and seek this voluntarily independent approval for their programs. The accreditation has given IVCA insight in the IAVC programs ensuring that they have followed the minimum standard of educating veterinary chiropractors. In this situation the IVCA has no sanctions possibilities toward IAVC if they choose not to follow the standard set by IVCA.

There will be no grandfathering consequences of the ending of the IAVC approval.

The ones that graduated from IAVC before approval was ended, can still take the IVCA certification exam and become members of IVCA. This means that the students that completed the IAVC program before 30th of October 2018 but has not yet taken the IVCA certification exam can do this on any of the locations or dates that are set for the IVCA certification exam. (see here for dates and locations). For the ones that take the IAVC courses now or later in a non-approved course, will not be able to sit the IVCA certification exam, and become IVCA members or will be considered to be certified in animal chiropractic. Certification and membership in an independent certification body as the IVCA is required by some country’s veterinary chiropractic association or governments.

The ones that are already certified and members of IVCA will not lose their membership or certification even if they went to the IAVC program.

Continue education (CE) courses taken at IAVC will be reviewed for approval for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours with IVCA on a course by course basis by the IVCA CE committee.

The IVCA can no longer recommend the IAVC as a course provider in basic veterinary chiropractic. The IVCA would recommend anyone seeking to learn basic veterinary chiropractic to choose one of the IVCA accredited providers. Options for Animals USA is an approved provider in the USA , in Germany Backbone Academy is approved , and Options for Animals UK is approved and is based in England.

Claudia da Rocha Patricio, Marion Thurner, Victoria McKinney, Geir Wiik
The IVCA Management Committee


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