IVCA Annual Conference 3rd - 5th November 2023

The IVCA conference 2023 is over and we hope everyone has returned home safely. It was a great weekend with 3 fantastic speakers. Our special thanks to all participants!

20 June was the deadline for the hotel’s price guarantee, after which higher prices may apply to the hotel.

Registration for the conference is of course still possible. There will probably be 13 CE hours for the conference, but that still depends a bit on the practical part that will be offered on Saturday.

Please remember that this trip to the IVCA Conference is a business trip and therefore tax deductible as a business expense.

Meet the Speakers

Incrediwear Equine – Please check out these great products: www.incrediwearequine.com 

Introducing cutting-edge Incrediwear technology, a revolutionary innovation that is a game changer in Equine industry. Incrediwear Equine’s mission is to transform the world of recovery, performance, and injury prevention by providing revolutionary products for horses that improve their well-being.


This technology harnesses the remarkable power of negative ions, setting us apart from all others in the field. Woven into the fabric of Incrediwear are Germanium and Carbon, both semiconductors with the extraordinary ability to activate upon contact with body heat. This activation unleashes a cascade of negative ions, which, once inside the body, react within the blood vessels and the interstitial spaces—the delicate realms between blood vessels, tissues, and muscles.


These vibrations are the catalysts that stimulate blood flow through the vessels, accelerating circulation. Yet, what truly sets Incrediwear apart is its ability to enhance lymphatic flow as well. While conventional technologies displace excess fluids temporarily, our technology actively flushes them into the lymphatic system, ensuring a complete and lasting resolution.


  1. Unlike compression or ice-based solutions, Incrediwear avoids vasoconstriction, preserving the integrity of blood vessels and tissues over the long term.
  2. It steers clear of the vasodilation pitfalls associated with heat-based technologies, which can exacerbate swelling in the long run.
  3. Incrediwear micro-vibrations operate without side effects, making it safe for extended usage. 



Now, let us delve into the icing feature—a capability made possible by the unique attributes of Carbon and Germanium. When water interacts with these semiconductors, negative ions surge to life, rapidly ushering excess heat out of the body, and providing Intense cooling effect.


This “Icing with no ice”: method is nothing like traditional ice treatments:


  1. Incrediwear ices with negative ions, not cold, penetrating deep tissues instantaneously and without the risk of ice burns.
  2. Heat is expelled from deep tissues, accumulating on the fabric’s surface. The warmer the fabric, the more heat has been extracted from the body.
  3. As cooling progresses, the fabric retains warmth, while deep tissues undergo cooling, an approach that distinguishes Incrediwear from conventional ice treatments. Cooling is orchestrated by negative ions precisely where it is needed, averting surface damage to the skin.


Therefore, when using Incrediwear, no dramatic temperature shifts are noticeable compared to typical ice-based solutions. We provide cooling by the power of negative ions not ice.

Incrediwear Equine: Elevating Equine Wellness


Incrediwear Equine products offer a multitude of benefits for horses:


  1. Increases Blood Circulation:

When the horse wears Incrediwear Equine products, the activated semiconductor elements in the fabric emit negative ions upon contact with body heat. These negative ions stimulate molecular vibrations in the horse’s tissues, which increase blood vessel diameter (vasodilation), enhancing blood circulation to muscles and tissues.


  1. Provides Lymphatic Drainage:

The improved blood circulation from Incrediwear Equine products also supports lymphatic drainage. This helps clear excess fluids and waste products from tissues, reducing the risk of swelling and inflammation.


  1. Reduces Swelling and Inflammation:

The combination of increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage promotes the removal of excess fluids and inflammatory by-products. This reduction in swelling and inflammation can help alleviate discomfort and support the horse’s overall well-being.


  1. Acts as Ice Packs When Wet:

The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties allow it to retain water, turning the product into a cooling mechanism when wet. When applied wet, it functions similarly to an ice pack, providing soothing relief to the horse’s muscles and joints, without all the bad side effects ice has. 


  1. Optimizes Performance:

By increasing circulation and oxygen delivery to muscles, Incrediwear Equine products contribute to enhanced muscle function. This optimization of muscle performance can lead to improved endurance and overall equine performance.


  1. Prevents Injuries by Reducing Muscle Fatigue:

The improved circulation and muscle support offered by Incrediwear Equine products reduce muscle fatigue during exercise. This reduced fatigue lowers the risk of strains and injuries, ensuring the horse can perform at its best while staying injury-free.

accelerated recovery process. Injured tissues heal faster, and the horse can return to normal activity levels sooner than without the use of Incrediwear Equine products.


  1. Accelerated Recovery Process:

Injury: By promoting increased blood circulation to injured or affected areas, these products deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, accelerating tissue repair. Additionally, the improved circulation helps maintain an optimal healing environment by removing waste products and inflammation.

The result is a shortened recovery time, allowing horses to return to their normal activity levels sooner. This not only benefits their performance but also enhances their overall comfort and quality of life during the healing process.


Exercise: After demanding training sessions, these products promote faster recovery by improving blood circulation, which aids in removing metabolic waste products and reducing muscle soreness. They also minimize inflammation and swelling, enhancing the horse’s overall comfort.

This accelerated recovery ensures that horses are in prime condition for their next training session, allowing for consistent training schedules without extended downtime due to post-exercise discomfort. 


  1. Provides Thermoregulation:

The increased blood flow facilitated by Incrediwear Equine products plays a crucial role in thermoregulation. This enhanced blood flow assists in regulating the horse’s body temperature by efficiently transporting excess heat from internal organs to the skin, where it can dissipate into the environment.


Incrediwear Equine is a game-changer in equine care, providing a safe, effective, and innovative approach to enhancing horse wellness, performance, and recovery.

Vendors are welcome. If you would like to be a vendor at the IVCA conference, please contact us at: contact@ivca.de