Course dates:

February 13th through February 17th, 2020


Royal Caribbean Independence cruise ship, departing Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

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IVCA CPD approval:

IVCA approve this courses for 19 CPD toward specific animal chiropractic part of the CE requirements of the IVCA.

Course Overview:

Zoonotic Diseases

eCPR – Assisting practitioners and patients through emotional crises

UTIs: A Potential for Chiropractic Intervention?

Pony Yoga – PT and core exercises to maintain chiro treatments

Advanced Adjusting of the Equine – Part 2

Advanced Adjusting of the Canine – Part 2

Don’t Blame the Horse – Patterns assoc. with training, euip., & rider probs.

Saddle Fit Syndromes


Animal Handling for a Calmer Animal


Joanna Robson, DVM

Shanie Cahill, DC, AVCA

Peggy Fleming, DVM

Sherry Seals, CSF, CESMT

Tamara Gull, DVM



Contact details and more information:

For registration and seminar questions contact the Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic

Phone: 503-893-4861

For questions regarding the approval of this seminar for IVCA CEU credits, please contact Dr. Brian Renner, DC (Director of Education)

Phone: 563-505-7738

Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic 2020 Western Caribbean Cruise CEU Seminar