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Management Committee and Office Manager

IVCA thanks Claudia da Rocha Patricio, Marion Thurner, Victoria McKinney, Claudia Cottrell and Geir Wiik for their work on the Management Committee and Kirstin Fiebig for her great work as office manager. Victory and Marion that were re-elected for a new term,...

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Theory Retake Exam in Hamburg

​Theory retake exam in Hamburg Dear future members,since we got multiple requests about this, the Exam Committee made the decision to offer an additional theory exam in Hamburg. This is only for those that need to re-take the exam. This way you can combine the exam...

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Literature review

The IVCA is looking for you that have full access to the most used medical journal search engines within medicine, veterinary and chiropractic, and are used to using them. If you also are interested in doing some hours paid work for us, please contact the office at...

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NeuroKinetic Therapy Equine 1

Course dates:6th-7th October 2019Location:Landesgestüt Schwaiganger, Schwaiganger 1, OhlstadtIVCA CPD approval:IVCA approve this courses for 14 CPD toward specific animal chiropractic part of the CE requirements of the IVCA. Course Overview:In the animal (equine and...

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