IVCA Newsletter April 2020


Great news for our IVCA US members! We have become PACE approved for all courses and classes recognized by the IVCA. PACE stands for Providers of Approved Continuing Education and this means that most of the US state boards accept the credits earned from PACE providers. This comes at a good time for the IVCA 2020 Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting to be held October 23-25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will be offering 16 CEUs or CPDs at the conference. Please check your state’s requirements before submitting these credits. All approved courses, including international ones are PACE approved, so now you can travel for courses and earn credits! This also applies to online courses.

The International Certification Commission for Animal Chiropractic (ICCAC) is the new independent certification body of the IVCA.
The ICCAC endeavors to establish the highest standards of competency in animal chiropractic care.

For the first time since 2003 (!) we had to cancel an IVCA Certification Exam at Backbone Academy Germany – due to the Corona-virus pandemic! We are very sorry. But the registered students can do their Exam on their Basic Course site FOR FREE.
If you know somebody, who plans to do the IVCA Certification Exam this year, please, advise them to have a look at the IVCA homepage
https://ivca.de/examination-dates-2020/.  Where the ICCAC informs about changes of exam dates due to the corona situation.

The membership fee for 2020 was due to be paid end for January 2020. May you have not done it, you will receive reminders form the office.
Payments are handled via the homepage.
If you have not yet paid your membership, you can do it on our website: https://ivca.de/product/2020-ivca-12-month-membership/
In order to keep your membership active your annual fee has to be settled by the end of the current year!

Best wishes for Easter, the IVCA family hopes that everything will turn out wonderful and great for you and yours!!