Equine Spinal Dysfunction Motor Control, Functional Mobilisation and Core Strengthening Techniques

Course dates:

9th-10th October 2019

Limited to 16 spaces


Landesgestüt Schwaiganger, Schwaiganger 1, Ohlstadt

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IVCA CPD approval:

IVCA approve this courses for 14 CPD toward specific animal chiropractic part of the CE requirements of the IVCA.

Course Overview:

Dr. Nicole Rombach, MEEBW, MSc., PhD presents this 2-day course for licensed equine health care professionals


  • Biomechanics: evidence-based concepts of mechanoreception, nociception and joint mobilization/range of motion (ROM) in function/dysfunction of the equine spinal column
  • Neuromotor control: evidence-based concepts of motor control in dynamic functional stability
  • Evidence-based concepts of muscle activation and proprioceptive facilitation: rehabilitation versus conditioning/training


Joint mobilization and ROM techniques for the spinal column (cervical and cervicothoracic region, thoracic and thoracolumbar region, lumbopelvic region, sacral/coccygeal region)

  • Static/dynamic motion assessment with an emphasis on evaluation of muscular (a)symmetry
  • Clinical reasoning based on findings from static and dynamic evaluations
  • Muscular facilitation techniques/methods for proprioceptive activation
  • Core strength activation/facilitation techniques


Day 1: 9am – 5 pm

Morning lecture: spinal anatomy and biomechanics cervical/cranial thoracic spine

Morning practical: palpation/ROM assessment/mobilization techniques cervical/cranial thoracic spine

Afternoon lecture: spinal anatomy and biomechanics of thoracolumbar spine/pelvis

Afternoon practical: palpation/ROM assessment/mobilization techniques of thoracolumbar spine/pelvis

Day 2: 9 am – 5pm

Morning lecture: pathologies of the equine spine

Morning practical: palpation of entire spine – group discussion – what may be found in horses with spinal dysfunction?

Afternoon lecture and practical: core strength exercises – activation/facilitation (ground based exercises, dynamic with Equiband, some taping)


Dr. Nicole Rhombach,MEEBW, MSc., PhD


595€ including course manual and lunch

Contact details and more information:

office@equinenergy.com  (Questions considering the course/ for registration)

equine-chiro@web.de (Questions considering the location and such)

«Equine Spinal Dysfunction Motor Control, Functional Mobilisation and Core Strengthening Techniques»

Website: https://equinenergy.com/product/eq108e-equine-spinal-dysfunction-motor-control-and-functional-mobilisation-core-strengthening-techniques/

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