Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic 2019 Eastern Caribbean Cruise CEU Seminar

Course dates:

April 18th, 2019 – April 22nd, 2019


Celebrity Infinity cruise ship, departing Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

16 hours of continuing education focused towards the benefit of animal chiropractors.

Topics are:

Zoonotic Diseases
Animal Wellness – Background and Protocols
Advanced Adjusting of the Equine
Advanced Adjusting of the Canine
Adjusting the Equine Stifle
Adjusting Cats and Adjusting with the Activator
Animal Body Language and Behavior
Animal Chiropractic Jurisprudence and Navigating the Legal Process

Course Overview:

This seminar includes 16 hours of lecture by Doctors of Chiropracric and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine in each of their respective areas of expertise. All presenters have been in their respective fields for more than 5 years, and are highly recognized experts in their topic of presentation. Attached to the application packet is an outline for each topic, a CV or resume for each speaker, and an brief professional summary of their accomplishments.

As an organization, the Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic strives to uphold the highest of standards in education and professionalism. Our mission in providing continuing education for animal chiropractors is to provide immediately applicable training that is pertinent to practice and conducive to improving skills and knowledge, all within a fun and relaxing venue for all.


Dr. Gene Giggleman, DVM, AVCA
Dr. Shanie Cahill, DC, AVCA
Dr. Paul Demars, DVM, Dip ABVP K9/Fe
Dr. Rachel Wendt, DC



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For registration and seminar questions contact the Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic


IVCA approve the courses for 16 CPD points  points specific veterinary chiropractic part of the CE requirements of the IVCA.

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